by Ben

Just a thought the paragraph stating, "In the event the phone isn't answered during the switch over, a voice mail message can be left or an email containing the above information will be sent" -

I think it should be a positive handover (ie face-to-face/person-to-person over the phone) conducted. By relying on a voicemail or email, you are assuming the person on the receiving end is going to receive it. "Don't assume anything" is what it says right at the top of the SWOP.

I can't count the number of times I have received an email or voicemail several hours, or even days, after it was left. Murphy's Law states, "the one time the poop hits the fan, its probably gonna be the time when we have an aircraft flying after hours, there hasn't been a positive handover, and the voicemail wasn't received."

For that reason, I suggest no email/voicemail handovers.

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Mar 10, 2018

by: Kristie

Excellent point! Just made an amendment to this. Thanks for your feedback:)

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